Producer Members

Producer members are actively producing or stated as actively producing power in the state of Maine.

Annual Dues
Grid-scale -- 5MW and higher (prior to being energized): $5,000
DG -- 4.99MW and under (flat fee during development & operation): $3,500

Operating grid-scale generators:
$1,265/MW capped at 21MW ($26,565) for portfolios larger than 100MW
$750/MW capped at 21MW ($15,750) for portfolios under 100MW

Non-Producer Members

Non-producer members are categorized as those companies that provide support to generating members through civil engineering, environmental permitting, legal counsel, repair, and other consulting services. Membership rates are based on number of employees.

Annual Dues
1-9 employees: $500
10-49 employees: $1,000
50-99 employees: $1,500
100-299 employees: $5,500
300+ employees: $7,500

Law Firms: $3,000

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