We are your voice

MREA is your voice in the Maine Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission. We advocate fair regulatory and legislative oversight to support new and existing renewable generation, reasonable business practices, and environmental stewardship as we increase renewable power throughout Maine.

We make sure the media gets the story right

We ensure renewable energy is shown in a positive light in the local, regional and national media. MREA proactively seeks favorable media coverage for the industry; connecting members with journalists seeking an industry perspective. We make sure the press hears our side of the story, and we challenge false or misleading statements.

We open minds about renewable energy

Our programs educate policymakers, business leaders, and media about the short and long-term advantages of the renewable energy industry. We inform and educate on the facts - that renewable power facilities are reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sound.

We keep you informed

Our members receive up to date information about the industry and public policy relating to Maine renewable energy.

We broaden and expand support

We serve as a united voice for producers and support providers of renewable energy, and develop broad-based partnerships with other organizations with like-minded goals. We're involved with state and local experts and organizations to remain informed of the latest statewide business activities and developments.

We promote and help our members

In addition to providing information and resources to our members, we offer clear answers to complex issues. We act as a go-to hub for our members. Our website acts as an information portal for members and visitors alike.

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